Fitness isn’t just about our bodies anymore… we need to include brain care too! At In-home Care™ we strive to bring a better life to our care recipients and those striving for brain and mental health. We are proud to be a certified provider of the Brain Fitness Program. This program has proven to improve brain and mental health, memory and processing speed (Cognitive Ability) by 10+ years, as shown in published scientific studies.

The Brain Fitness Program is a series of computer-based exercises that are scientifically proven to improve important brain care and its functions. And, with the recent release of the Brain Fitness Program 2.0, it’s now better than ever!


The Brain Fitness Program: Easy-to-Use

  • Includes six engaging, easy-to-install and use listening devices functions performed on a computer. To do the exercises, just click on a computer mouse. No prior computer experience is necessary!
  • Calibrates itself to your skill level. You work at the pace that is right for you!
  • Fits in your lifestyle. Regular use can range from 15 minutes to as much time as you’d like. For maximum benefit, we recommend completing 40 hours within three months.
  • Shows extensive detail about your progress and performance. As you improve at the exercises, you should start to notice your overall sharpness increasing.
  • Allows you to do another 40 sessions after you have completed the first set.

The Brain Fitness Program: Scientifically Proven to Work

  • Helps people to improve brain and mental health care.
  • Designed by a global team of leading brain care specialists to increase mental sharpness.
  • Available for individuals at home, in residential communities, with Humana, and utilizing In-home Care.
  • Delivered on a computer to improve brain and mental health, with no medications or invasive treatments.

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